An Obama Birth Certificate Prediction as Sure as the Sun & the Tides…

May 03 2011

I know I’m right about this so I want it on the record, publicly verifiable, for all to see, before it’s proven true. I know this as surely as I know the sun will rise in the morning, the tides will change, and that Italian food is God’s proof that he loves us and wants us to be happy.

Okay, the last one was just for fun, but I am as serious as a heart attack here.

Obama was born in HI but he is NOT constitutionally eligible to hold the Office of President of the United States of America.

He was adopted in Indonesia as a boy.  (His sister, Maya, who is one of the few relatives he has he allowed to campaign for him, who presently lives in HI, posted that he was adopted in Indonesia on her FaceBook page last year!)

Therefore, the document the White House released as his birth certificate is ‘fake but accurate’ (Remember that phrase?).

He could say, with plausible deniablity all these years that he “was born in HI” because it is, in fact, true. But all you have to do to figure out why he would fight over 70 court cases and spend $3 million to keep his vital records under seal is think like a young hippie girl in love.

Ann Dunham simply wanted her new family to be ‘one.’ She, like every bride, walked down the aisle thinking ‘this is it.’ When she married Lolo Soetoro and went to Indonesia with young Obama, it was ‘perfect.’ She’d found another black guy to marry, a land to start anew in where nobody knew her, and thus, the opportunity to mother Obama, then his half-sister Maya, who she had with Lolo, as ‘one’ family, ‘forever.’ It’s well known only Indonesian citizens could go to the primary school Obama attended.  This is widely reported in reputable places. But, of course, ‘forever’ fails half the time.

So then all it takes, is to follow this narrative to it’s logical conclusion:

Young hippie-mom ships freshly adopted Obama back to HI from his now home country Indonesia to go to school, quite likely on a foreign scholarship to the expensive prep school in HI he went to. He then goes on to college as a foreign student on scholarship.

By the time he finishes law school, who’s thinking about citizenship? What young man, in the full bloom of his manhood, clutching a Harvard Law Degree, is thinking about whether or not he should straighten out his passport? Please. He’s thinking about getting high and getting laid. Others might think about making money, but that was not Obama’s m.o. Nope. Young Obama never gave it a second thought. And nobody else ever thought to give it a second thought until it got serious.

You can imagine the conversation between Axelrod & Obama in 2008, can’t you?

AXE: ‘I thought you told me you were born in HI?’

OBAMA: ‘I was, but…’

AXE: ‘But WHAT?’

OBAMA:  ’Well, it seems there was an adoption…’


OBAMA:  ’Uh… Yeah. My mom had my step-dad adopt me in Indonesia when I was, like, 5, which sort made my American birth certificate… Well, it might have been sort of… nullified…’

AXE: ‘You’re not an American citizen?  Are you dual? Cuz dual f*cks it all up just as bad, Barack!’

OBAMA:  ’Uh… I don’t … Well… It’s complicated…’


Wait and watch. That piece of crap PDF the White House posted was a fake. He was born in HI but that document was a fake.

‘Fake but accurate.’

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  • Regena

    People in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • Annie

      “Wear clean underwear in case you’re in a car crash.”

      Oh… I thought we were trading platitudes.

      Do you have a point, pumpkin?

  • Clemente

    Major follower of the page, a great deal of your writes have truly helped me out. Looking towards improvements!

    • Annie

      Thankyou! I’m new to WordPress, and just a hack at CSS, and I am learning the wonders of MarsEdit so I’m deeply grateful to you and all those who risk nails in their intellectual tires while I gussy up the place. Welcome, and welcome back! I will look forward to you calling me on my bullcr*p if you deem it so. I love a good challenge.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Hi Annie,
    I believe you’ve made some errors here. I discuss them on my site at

    • Annie

      Dear Mike,
      I read through your thoughtful reply while at an appointment with one of my daughters. It deserves an equally thoughtful reply which I will provide when time allows. I love smart dissenters, and you surely are one! Thanks for stopping by… af