L.A. Times, RELEASE the VIDEO!!!!

May 21 2011 Published by under salt

The American Thinker reminds us of a critical piece of the Obama/Palestinian puzzle the L.A. Times is keeping from public view:

In April 2008… the Los Angeles Times…(published an) article titled ‘Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Obama.’ The article pulled some of its information from a video shot at a 2003 farewell dinner for Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian booster and a de facto spokesman for the PLO… Domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn reportedly attended the dinner as well… At the dinner, Obama thanked Khalidi and his wife for the many meals they had shared (at) Khalidi(‘s home) and for reminding Obama of ‘my own blind spots and my own biases.’ Obama hoped that ‘we continue that conversation — a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table [...] [but around] this entire world.’ …The Times, which endorsed Obama for president, steadfastly refused to share the videotape despite the demand by the McCain camp and others to release it.

See the whole article at the link below, which you will have to cut and paste as my embed hex has not abated:


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The guys assigned to take a BULLET for him…

May 11 2011 Published by under salt

…wouldn’t pass even the most superficial background check to even get to the first interview to get the job, if they applied with the President’s resume. Literally. You can’t have any radical associations if you want to protect the President. It’s right there on the website FAQ for the job.  But, evidently, the President can have them, himself. From the February 21, 1996 Hyde Park Herald (Bam-Bam’s neighborhood paper in Chicago).  There’s nothing new in this, except I hadn’t seen this particular clip before, so I thought I’d post it.  The evidence of his radical associations is everywhere, but ssshhhhh…. you don’t want to wake the mainstream media from their little nappy nap with their snuggy fuzzy that feels so very very good all tucked in with their dreams of a socialist utopia.  Nitey nite, snookums.

Obama DSA 1996

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