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Mar 05 2012 Published by under salt

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Why is Obama Warning Iran Against Israel?

Feb 03 2012 Published by under salt

What POSSIBLE good does it do for America to announce to the world that Israel MIGHT attack Iran this spring?

I ask you:  WHO stands to benefit from making that public?

Israel? …NO…


Way to go, you evil bastard.

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Obama 2008: Iran NOT “serious threat”

Nov 16 2011 Published by under salt

Then Senator Barack Obama, May 18, 2008, on the campaign trail in Oregon:

“They don’t pose a serious threat to us… If Iran ever tried to pose a serious threat to us, they wouldn’t stand a chance.”

He based this gem of foreign policy reasoning on the observation that they are a “tiny” little country.


Guess he never factored in waiting for the Mahdi, dramatic advances in computer chips & GPS guided technology and how the whole smack is one hell of a lot cheaper and easier to get now than it was in the 1980′s (When the Soviet Union loomed large, which he cited as the last time we faced a real threat from a real country.)

But… Annie… He’s super-smart so he couldn’t possibly be this facile in his understanding of the world, right?  Plus, he said this waaaaay back… in… 2008…

I swear to God you cannot make this stuff up.

Do I need to even bring up what would happen in Palin or Cain said this?

You can see the video clip here.

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Drudge Hits it Out of the Park!

Oct 14 2011 Published by under salt

Gotta love that flamboyant blogger from F-L-A dontcha????  LOOK at these pictures side by side!

Drudge 3pix alike

There’s not a penny’s worth of difference among them.  Okay… Achmed Whackajob never got Botox and Pelosi wouldn’t be caught dead with all those po’ folk on the South Side of Chicago, but other than that and a good tailor, what the hell’s the difference?  They’re even sequential, if you read from right to left, which is perfect since their propaganda has done a complete 180 on everyone’s grasp of what we know is true about America!

Consider:  1. Pelosi is a proud Catholic and really believes her Progressive policies jive with her religious beliefs.  She just doesn’t know yet that she’s on a sure train to Hell that would take all of us with her.

2.  Obama is a proud Liberation Theologian who really believes his Progressive policies jive with his religious beliefs and he’s right.  He DOES know that he’s on a fast moving train because of his faith-based, religion-rooted policies, believes it will be fine for him and the people he regards as deserving of reprieve, but the rest of us can go straight to Hell, including death, and really, what the hell is wrong with that?

3. Whackajob is a fully cooked Mahdi-waiting loon who has no problem whatsoever with using religion as law and we can all go to hell.

See?  The difference is just a matter of degrees.  Pelosi doesn’t yet know she’s going to the train station, Obama’s on the train, and Whackajob in the dark, deep middle of it… waiting for the Mahdi on the other side.


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