Progressive Insurance’s CREEPY New Product

Oct 30 2011 Published by under salt

Knowing that the founder of Progressive Insurance was one of the handful of money men to meet in the Hamptons in 2007 to bankroll Barack Obama into the White House;  knowing what we now know about the naked abuses of our constitutional rights taking place under the guise of ‘helping’ & ‘protecting us’ in the wake of 9/11 and in the name of ‘social justice’ and liberal paternalism;  and just knowing what I know by just being a sentient human about the unassailable common sense of being left the hell alone without Nanny-staters second-guessing my every goddamned move…

…Installing a tracking device on my car so literal branded & ideological Progressives can l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y follow my every move?

Over my dead body.  Seriously.


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Pinky (or another finger) Extended Thusly

May 24 2011 Published by under salt

It’s so nice to know that the Obamas will be all tucked in nicey-nice in Buckingham Palace for a sleepover on their Excellent Adventure through Europe. They’ll have tea with the Queen, with their pinky extended thusly (Obama didn’t know pinkies had any other use except rings for union thugs or that fingers other than the middle one could be extended. Cultural shock!) then go all snuggy-snug.

How nice.

Meanwhile, King Obama left a post-note to Congress in the form of his overused, previously mentioned middle-finger telling them to f*ck-off, it’s a ‘kinetic military action’ in Libya and he don’t need no stinkin’ constitutional permission from them or anyone else to keep ‘kineticking’ all over the middle-east.

And it’s a good thing there’s nothing going on here in America for him to worry about. It’s not like body parts are literally flying all over the midwest.

Good thing we have President ‘Be My Brother’s Keeper’ in charge, huh?


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