How do You Prove to Feds You’re Gay?

Dec 12 2011 Published by under salt

Bam-Bam’s Federal Government has now undertaken a formal commitment to hire homosexuals.

Okay.  I don’t think any fair-thinking person would want to see anyone qualified to hold a job not get the job because of race, gender, or sexual orientation… but…

How do they know?

I mean… You can (typically) tell just by looking what someone’s race is.

You can (typically) tell just by looking what someone’s gender is.

But if you’re gay…

This is yet another example of “negative” vs. “positive” rights.  Ours is a system of government designed to restrain wrong upon us, not confer “right” upon us.

This betrays, yet again, Bam-Bam’s “fundamental” misunderstanding of America.

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Married Obama’s Gay Blow-Job in a Chicago Limo

Nov 04 2011 Published by under salt

Where are all Barack Obama’s old girlfriends?  Ever wonder?  Not a SINGLE BIMBO ERUPTION.  Not one woman can be found to dish bedding America’s first black President?  Really?  NOT ONE???????????????????? The National Enquirer tried to drum up some kind of mistress last summer, but…

Larry Sinclair claims he blew Barry in the back of a limo in Chicago in (I think it was 2006. It’s been a while since I read the book, but it was defintely post-Michelle), and that cocaine was Barry’s preferred Viagra.

This guy has the name of the hotel, the address, the limo company, receipts, witnesses who can testify they were both there at the time, on and on, and on… He’s not an Ivy league anonymous female giving Politico vague complaints of non-touching, non-naked gestures, but hey… He’s a criminal, right? Has a rap sheet a mile long. Yes, he does.

But the collateral evidence surrounding this guy’s claim is one hell of a lot more solid than the ones against Herman Cain.

UPDATE 01/29/2012:  In the time since I originally posted this, I recall reading somewhere on-line that the date of the alleged limo blow job was in 1999.  Which still makes him a married Obama.  Guess he took that whole “party like it’s 1999″ thing seriously.

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