A-n-c-h-o-r is not Spelled E-m-i-l-y P-o-s-t

Feb 01 2012 Published by under salt

What was that about moral indignation at the appalling lack of protocol from Brewer to Obama, big guy? Whah? Read NewsBusters delicious bitch-slap here.

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For the 666th Time…

May 23 2011 Published by under salt

(From the ongoing series of  the ‘If this were George W. Bush Doing This’ Department:)

…Can you imagine the hew & cry if George W. Bush were lifting a pint at an Irish pub while body parts were literally flying all over the midwest? There’s nothing going on in Ireland he couldn’t have delayed. Nothing. The only thing even remotely important is the G8 later this week. How much you wanna bet he pops over to St. Andrews for 18? Huh?

…the soulless, narcissistic, sociopathic, despotic, tyrannical a**hole…

…and that’s just his maiden name ;)

Parenthetically: I am aware that the Leader of the Free World would/should not be going to Joplin to operate heavy equipment. I know that. In the same way he reminded us he ‘can’t go down there an suck it up with a straw’ during the oil spill (the petulant bastard) there’s very little he can do with his hands on the ground or operationally different from U.S. soil than from overseas – but it’s a failure of leadership. It looks bad. Part of leading is leading by example. If he’s going to be a ‘man of the people’ he should get his skinny butt down on the ground in Joplin, with Michelle, and on the weekend when they are out of school, his children, and teach them, by living breathing example, what it means to be your brother’s keeper. Hug people. Hand out bottles of water. Meet with the local officials and ask them personally what they need and then get it, immediately.

Okay, I’m done now.

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