The “Twenty Years Ago” Standard

Oct 29 2011 Published by under salt

Or ‘thirty years.’

Or ‘forty years.’

Obama said his ‘association’ with Bill Ayers didn’t count because what he did, he did 40 years ago.

So that’s the standard; a standard they set, in their own words.  Okay.  Let’s A/B compare this standard on a failed Presidential candidate & the guy who actually got the job.  First, Obama’s ‘guy in the neighborhood,’ and his charming wife:

If you squeal ‘Dig it!’ upon hearing a fork was plunged into Sharon Tate’s bloody corpse’s 8 ½  month pregnant belly as Mrs. Bill Ayers did, you get a free pass. (I’m sorry.  You say that once, something very deep is very broken inside. Permanently. Irretrievably. If I found out someone I knew had celebrated that – once – I’m done. I don’t want anything to do with you. There are too many good people in the world to be friends with. Who needs that toxin?)

If you are directly involved in planning / preparing lethal force / bombs against policemen or members of the Pentagon who you regard as the moral equivalent of ‘terrorists’ and this activity resulted in people being dead, then gleefully – to this day – admit to the press that you are ‘guilty as hell, free as a bird’ but got off on a technicality, you get a free pass.

You can be friendly enough with this person, and regard him with sufficient esteem not just to socialize regularly with him, but to launch your State Senate bid in his house – because somehow, inexplicably, in your mind, this doesn’t reflect badly on you, you get a free pass. (How many people like this do you have in your life?  Have you ever known anyone even remotely this violent?  Would you let your children anywhere near these people?)

These are all facts, reported by U.P.I., The New York Times, and never disputed by any member of the White House.  They have tried to tamp it down, deflect it,  but on the facts, on the merits, they’ve never denied a single thing I stated above.  Never.

But because Pat Buchanan said something stupid once back in the 1980′s, Van Jones organizes a movement to have him lose his job at MSNBC?

Because that’s their claim.  That’s the first thing Color of Change mentions in their complaint; something Pat said 30 years ago.  Something that reasonable people could argue may, or may not have been said with malice.  Not that Pat made bombs.  Not that he thought it was farrrout that Sharon Tate had a fork plunged in her belly… but that he said something, arguably, racially charged. 

That’s it.

THAT matters.  Enough that the free pass press has been locked down.

The failed Presidential candidate, now historian and writer, whose biggest weapon is his opinion has to be vilified and fired, but Obama…

…Who is the President… gets a free pass?

Got it. 

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Will Obama Kill his Flotilla Friends… TO IGNITE UNREST?

Jul 04 2011 Published by under salt

See this headline? (It’s from Infowars… but just go with me because the central point is verifiable, actual NEWS)

Washington Okays Attack on Unarmed U.S. Ship

What if Obama decided to heed Kill or be Killed and KILLED his FRIENDS as necessary collateral to get THEIR friends to riot and rip the sh*t out of our country & its social fabric, thus bringing to a head his grand vision for utopia through chaos?

Beck was right that he’s in very, very, very, VERY dangerous company. That contrary to their own bullsh*t propaganda it’s not a bunch of graying Tea Partiers he has to fear, it’s his own RADICAL FRIENDS with their gray ponytails, tenure, and all their 20-something dupes with copies of The Coming Insurrection in their clenched fists.

It’s not news to anyone with a pulse that Obama has P*SSED OFF EVERYONE, friend and foe alike… And I believe he’s exactly the right kind of broken inside to view a few corpses as an unfortunate but necessary speed-bump to get to the social justice promised land…

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