Snot-nosed Jon

Dec 29 2011 Published by under salt

Jon Huntsman is viscerally unlikable, smarmy, and annoying.

Want proof?

‘They pick corn in Iowa. They pick presidents in NH’…

Hey Jon… See ya!

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Michelle’s Mad Messaging Skills

Dec 23 2011 Published by under salt

From The Hill, the headline reads “(Michelle) Bachmann: Romney and Gingrich are Health Law’s ‘Father and Grandfather‘”

What an awesome way to frame those little factoids!

Just the other day I saw her on with Monica Crowley who suggested to her that there was a tinge of sexism in the Iowa caucus leader who asked her, and not Santorum who she has consistently out-polled, to step aside so Santorum (or someone else, presumably) could benefit.  (Never-mind that she won the stinking straw poll!) Man, she took that softball and slammed it out the park!  She started talking about women political leaders being taken seriously, and how she hoped to emulate trailblazing conservative Margaret Thatcher, thus brilliantly riding the pop culture mojo out there on the well-reviewed Meryl Streep performance in theaters now, and thus, linking her name with Thatcher’s in voters’ minds.

The week before she had a brilliant debate performance with the “Newt Romney” thing, linking them together in the voters’ minds in one political, unpalatable knot!  The girl’s got game!

I still don’t know if I see her as President, but I damned sure agree with 95% of what she says and stands for and have no doubt she means what she says and says what she means.  Thus, I have no doubt about what she would do every single day in the White House, unlike the fraud we have in there now… and many, of both parties, before him.

Santorum’s just too angry for me.  I just can’t get past his prickly, holier-than-thou attitudes, even though, largely, I agree with them! He just seems like a pr*ck!  I can’t get past that!  And I don’t think his roots are as resistant to D.C. rot as, say, Bachmann’s are.  I think he could be bought.

Huntsman just p*sses me off every time I just look at his face.  It’s visceral.  I skeeve the guy.  Too smarmy.

Perry’s “heartless” & Gardasil things are deal breakers for me.  I’ll vote for him if he is the nominee, but not in the primary.

So that leaves Newt & Mitt.  My head says Mitt.  My “go wipe the floor with Barry in a debate” heart says Newt.  I keep coming back to the fact that the number one, numero uno, no question, absolute top priority for America is to turn this economy around and there’s nobody on that stage who is a better turnaround guy than Mitt.  He’s hugely talented at making fiscal lemonade out of fiscal lemons and damn!  We need that huge right now.

Perhaps Turn-around Guru Mitt for President and Navigate-the-Hill Newt for V.P.?  Dream ticket?  Don’t think there’s any love lost between them, but it would be a practical pairing, yes?

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My Man… Mitt?

Dec 05 2011 Published by under salt


Mitt Romney may well turn out to be a Reagan-esque President.  It would not surprise me at all if he did.

But I’m not feeling the love, you know?

I have significant issues with him, but the guy knows how to turn lemons into lemonade and we need that desperately right now.


Mitt Romney 2012…

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Snark Scuds

Dec 02 2011 Published by under salt

GOP Primary pols need to have a couple of snarky, esoteric questions in their backpocket to launch on any interviewer who catches them not knowing something.

For instance, when Herman got caught not knowing what “the right of return” was (the “99%” didn’t know it, I assure you) he should have had one ready to launch the second it happened, knowing that it would be spun way, way, way out of all reasonable proportion.

For instance, one might be “What significant event happened in America’s life in 1920?” (The mini-depression that Coolidge got us out of which launched the “Roaring 20′s.”) or “Whose idea was it to have a tri-cameral architecture to our system of government?” (It had to be Jefferson or Jay, but I can’t remember!)

Anyway, the point is, these are arguably, “basic” civics questions any national network political reporter ought to know.

Our guys ought to launch ‘em like scuds.

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Obama’s Excellent 2012 Adventure

Nov 21 2011 Published by under salt

It occurs to me that Michelle Obama being booed at NASCAR is just the beginning.

You’ll note that the Obamas’ appearances of late have all been very tightly choreographed.  They almost always pack a crowd with friendlies, then keep the camera from doing any wide shots, thus betraying how much the crowds have shrunk since 2008.

You can’t campaign for President only in front of friendly crowds.

I know my Tea Party friends will comport themselves with dignity.

I will remind them to please always bring a video camera and have someone with you taping everything, because you will be set up to be the fall guy for some crank the other side tries to plant as Tea Party.

Keep calm, and carry on ;)

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Nov 19 2011 Published by under salt

Herman’s not done.

It seems like it, because of all the unbelievably dishonest reporting going on.

The latest is that he’s an ignoramous because he suggested that there’s Taliban in Libya.


Seems there is.  And no less a liberal rag than The Los Angeles Times had a headline stating that very fact last April.  I Googled “Taliban in Libya” and it was the second result.  Second!  Do these “reporters” ever fact-check?  Do they ever think?  Do they ever think that we fact-check? 

Besides, everybody paying attention knew, and knows, that the “rebels” are a very sketchy bunch.  It’s hardly a stretch to assume that one flavor of West-hating jihadi wouldn’t be happy to put aside their ancestral hatred of another flavor of West-hating jihadi who has been their traditional mortal enemy – just long enough to kill a mutual third enemy.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend even when we’re talking about jihadis. They’ll team up for firepower just long enough to kill whomever it is they both hate, smug in the assumption that they’ll get the upper hand on their temporary ally when their usefulness has expired – and just kill them.

Happens all the time.


Anyway… Back to my original point.

Herman’s not done.  It’s been ticking around in the back of my brain all day, so persistently I had to commit it publicly.

He may surprise everyone in Iowa.  Iowa doesn’t like Mitt.  He’s blown them off and they know it.  Newt hasn’t been in the state for 5 minutes.  And from what I hear, every Iowan that’s met Herman loves him – and we all know it’s retail politics that wins.  The other candidates may have been better ground games, but Iowans don’t like them.

They love Herman.

I expect 2nd in Iowa.  Not confidently, but I think it’s a fair shot. Perhaps 3rd.  He won’t win it.

He will place  3rd in New Hampshire.  He will not win it.  At this point the entire media establishment will write his obituary.

He will then go on to win South Carolina and Florida.

Remember where you read it first ;)

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Cain STILL Leads Among LIKELY Iowa Voters!

Nov 15 2011 Published by under salt

From a Bloomberg Iowa poll, taken on Nov. 10 to 12, released this morning:

Cain leads the field with 20%, followed by Paul with 19%, Romney with 18% and Gingrich with 17%, a statistical tie within the poll’s four point margin of error.”

Dig a little deeper and the poll tells us that the slime-job against Cain has largely failed, and resulted in 66% saying they “believed Cain’s denials” or “were waiting for more information.”  Only 25% said they were either “skeptical”or just outright “didn’t believe” him. In other words, the electorate is being eminently fair.  Short of a(n unlikely) bombshell, something really, definitively damning, I stand by my previous prediction that this tactic to take Herman down is over.  Also as prevously stated, that doesn’t mean they’re done with sliming him, but this tactic, the sex one, is over.

More here.

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Too Arrogant?

Nov 15 2011 Published by under salt

Don’t get me wrong – I love 90% of the content of Newt’s debate performances and regard them as distinctly brilliant, and I will vote for him, or Bugs Bunny if he’s the GOP nominee.  We’ve got to remove Obama, but I have grave concerns about his arrogance.

Now, I know it would be civics porn seeing him wipe the frickin’ floor with Bam-Bam in a debate.  That alone would be worth the price of admission – seriously.

But remember how the Lefties droned on & frickin’ on about how Bush couldn’t “admit a mistake?”  There wasn’t as much to that propaganda as the Lefties would like, in my opinion, but it wasn’t completely toothless.  There was some there there with that complaint.  So I ask you, my conservative friends:

Do you think Newt will ever think he’s wrong about anything?

Do you think he’ll take counsel about constitutional matters from anyone?  Never mind just simple policy matters, which I think he’ll be equally intransigent and arrogant about.

Because I think he’s wrong about Al-Awaki.  I know I break from the conservative pack on this, but I have grave slippery-slope concerns about a bunch of guys in a smoke-filled back room deciding we can kill an American citizen with impunity.  Especially when you A/B compare how we got Bin Laden!

Do you mean to tell me we value non-American citizen Bin Laden sufficiently to risk our Seals lives to literally drop in (then punch his ticket), but we can’t do the same thing for one of our own?  And extract him alive?  With what he knows?

What’s the point of having a Constitution if you’re not going to defend it when it’s hard?  Really, really, hard?  

What’s the point of having a Constitution unless you defend it – with, to paraphrase, “your lives, your fortune and your sacred honor?”

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Regarding Saturday’s Debate

Nov 13 2011 Published by under salt

Regarding tonights’ GOP Foreign Policy Debate:

Could Scott Pelley be less likable?

Maybe it’s because he knows he’s just the cheap sloppy seconds after they unloaded expensive Katie Katrinka there at CBS.  I wanted to slap him.  Several times.

And Murrow must be turning over in his grave that they chopped off the last 30 minutes!  What the hell?!

Nobody made any headlines tonight, good or bad.

Herman’s got to be luckiest guy alive because this is his weakest thing, the debate was on a Saturday night, which is a graveyard for this kind of television, and they only broadcast 2/3′s of it!  Plus, they didn’t pig-pile on him, so all in all, a lukewarm, not great, but not horrible night for Cain.

Kinda hard for lefties to get all snotty about anyone up there not having foreign policy chops on the same day their guy, our President, while on his Pacific/Asia trip, couldn’t pronounce Khe Sanh…

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“Millstone around Barack Obama’s Neck”

Nov 04 2011 Published by under salt

Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, today, at the Defending the American Dream Summit:

‘I believe that Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement. It would not have happened, it would not have happened but for his class warfare. And remember, as it gets worse and worse because it’s going to get worse and worse, where it came from. Barack Obama. He praised it. He supported it. He agrees with it. He sympathizes with it. And as it gets worse and worse, I believe this will be the millstone around Barack Obama’s neck that will take his presidency down.’

From your lips to God’s ears, brother. And to that of our countrymen. Via Real Clear Politics, here.

BTW: This is the same event Herman Cain spoke at this morning where he was greeted with thundering applause & a standing ovation! When he took the stage, he joked that the teleprompter that was there wasn’t for him, he didn’t need it, and it must be ‘for somebody else’! Hah!

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On Foreign Policy “Judgement” Obama Wins? Uh-NO

Oct 24 2011 Published by under salt

 If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe opened this morning taking broad swipes at the GOP field for being foreign-policy-feckless, and furthering their point by insisting that we must have sound foreign policy judgement in the next President – like Obama’s… 

Got that?  Obama’s foreign policy judgement is sound.  Okay?  Now, let’s remember:

In a 2002 Chicago speech – organized, by the way, by his radical friends Marilyn Katz, Bernadine Dohrn, & Bill Ayers – Obama called Iraq the ‘dumb’ war and Afghanistan the ‘good’ war.  Bam-Bam’s been dining out on that speech as the shining jewel of his FP chops ever since.  Over the weekend we learn, that this GENIUS-of-Foreign-Policy-Judgement has led us to the following:

1. IRAQ: OBAMA’s cynically political decision to have the Iraqi troops 100% home for Christmas will likely result in the worst kind of back-sliding, VERY likely redounding to the benefit of IRAN.  Even lefty analyists say so.  Result?  Yet another enemy of Israel emboldened THANKS TO OBAMA.

2. AFGHANISTAN: Hamid Karzai just told the world that Afghanistan will choose Pakistan as their ally AGAINST the United States should there be a need to pick sides.  Doesn’t matter, frankly, why or when we have to pick sides.  The guy we spent 10 years trying to help in the war Obama APPROVED of, HATES US – LETHALLY.  Not just diplomatic hate.  Take up arms and KILL YOU hate.

So! Obama was 180 degrees WRONG about BOTH of the big ticket wars we have on the ground he’s been PREENING he’s been so RIGHT about since 2002.

There’s nothing Herman Cain lacks in judgement, as a man, as a leader, to make SOUND Foreign Policy judgement that he can’t learn in a briefing book.  

Obama’s problem is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE:  There aren’t enough briefing books in the world to help him – he’s too arrogant, too prison-bound in his ideology.

Sorry, Mika.

And do we even need to pick the scab of how he’s directly treated England?  Or Israel? When you consider that England & Israel have traditionally been America’s strongest and most important allies, and the unutterably shabby way he has treated them – IT’S LAUGHABLE that Obama’s FP judgement is admirable.

Laughable… Until you cry.

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Harry’s Hanes

Oct 09 2011 Published by under salt

With all the uproar about Mormonism being a cult, it begs the question:  Has anyone ever asked Harry Reid about his magic underpants?

Of course not.

I knew the answer.  It just makes me feel better to make a quick little blog protest about it.

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Almost Right

Oct 08 2011 Published by under salt

While I agree with the whole of the this – yet another brilliant article at American Thinker ‘Palin’s Withdrawal Means Obama Wins’ - I disagree with the headline.  I think the writer underestimates the anti-Obama impulse of the conservative base, no matter how progressive the GOP nominee.  I, for one, will install Mickey Mouse in the Oval Office if it means removing Obama, but for now, while there is hope, I am throwing my support behind Herman Cain, in deed, wallet, and word. (You can set up a recurring donation at his website.  Maybe $25 – or even $50 – out of every payday?  Could you?)

The article is here ->

BTW:  If you don’t read American Thinker every single day, you are impoverished – truly.  DO IT.

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Herman wins FL Straw Poll!!!!!!!

Sep 24 2011 Published by under salt

I know it’s just a straw poll, but WOOT!!!!  Way to go!  I’ve been sending him a monthly check for months now hoping he could stay alive long enough to at least get a Secretary of Commerce post, but maybe there’s real hope!
Screenshot Cain Wins FL Straw Poll

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What the NYT Thinks of You

Jul 02 2011 Published by under salt

From The New York Times.  It doesn’t matter what the ‘all of the above’ refers to to understand the writer’s conclusion about you:

All of the above only fortifies Bachmann’s position with a Republican base that would eat dog food for breakfast if the government said you should not.

Nice, huh?

They’re taking their masks off.  They’re not even trying to hide their evil now.  Buckle up, gang.  It’s only going to get worse.

The ‘writer’s’ entire load of bitter, snarky, evil propaganda is here:

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