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How Grown Ups View FACTS of this "Health Care Reform" Legislation

Mar 22 2010 Published by under Health, health care, Obamacare

1. There’s money to pay for 16,000 to 18,000 new IRS agents to enforce compliance with the “Health Care Reform” law but:

a. NOT DOLLAR ONE for new doctor training for the 30,000,000 new patients this law will “cover.”

b. NOT DOLLAR ONE for new clinics, hospitals, medical facilities of any kind to handle the 30,000,000 new patients this law will “cover.”

c. NOT DOLLAR ONE for Research & Development to continue our dominance as the finder of cures for all that ails us.

This is about CONTROL, aka, a contraction of your freedoms. Remember a “gaffe” in Washington is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. Just yesterday, Rep. John Linder told the truth: “A lot of us have been saying for a long time that this has never been about healthcare. It’s about government.” That’s a direct quote.

2. Any moron can make 10 years of tax collecting pay for 6 years of coverage, which is what this new law does. What happens the next 10 years?

3. Forcing insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions is a lovely moral imperative, but will bankrupt them all. What happens then? Any moron can figure it out. Single-payer government healthcare. Picture yourself lobbying Congress for your MRI… How’s that going to go for you?

4. This is the first time in the history of the Republic that a we will have to purchase a commodity in order to be a lawful citizen. That’s demonstrably UN-AMERICAN and a very, very dangerous precedent.

These immature, gimme girls & boys used to instant gratification and helicopter parents are gleeful that the sun still rose this morning despite all our cries “that world will end” if this bill becomes law. Even their need for the destruction of our country can’t wait! Well, those of us with a few miles on us know these things take time. It’s coming. We saw it already with the situation with Walgreens in Washington. Why do you think that happened? Because government run healthcare “rationed” care by dropping reimbursements so low that it became toxic to a free market enterprise like Walgreens. That situation is our canary in the coal mine. More and more and more private medical enterprise will fall.

Just because it’s historic, doesn’t make it good. 9.11 was historic.

Just because it’s change, doesn’t make it good. A rash is a change.

FACT: The number one reason given by people who show up in the ER give “My doctor couldn’t see me fast enough.” 83% of the people that use the ER have insurance which is, coincidentally, the same percentage of people in America that have insurance. Hows that waiting time going to be impacted when up to 1/3 of doctors leave the profession as the New England Journal of Medicine just recently wrote they might, and as noted above, no additional infrastructure for care is in place?

FACT: Who is the number one denier of claims?  Private or Medicare/Medicaid. M&M deny more claims than ALL PRIVATE INSURANCE COMBINED.  Helooooo….. That’s rationing…

Other than the Military, what has the Federal Government EVER run that hasn’t gone into unsustainable debt or complete ruin? Just name me one.

None of the people who supported this bill can answer these concerns. They seem to be incapable of separating the need for health care reform, from the “fiscal Frankenstein” (The wonderful Rep. Paul Ryan’s phrase) that this bill is. Nobody wants body parts falling off in the streets. We just didn’t want this particular bill. All the sob stories on the House floor were an insult to that legislative body. They were preaching morals, not debating the legislation at hand. It was an embarrassment to this great nation.

As is every Progressive in Washington, most especially Mr. Barack Obama.

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Coakley Says You’re WRONG…

Jan 18 2010 Published by under boston, Brown, Coakley, Fox Morning News, Health

You’re WRONG says Martha.  We peons just don’t know what’s good for us… Oh… sorry… that was Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC… I keep getting my smug, insulated, limousine liberals mixed up.

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