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Hysteria & "Selling a Car We’ve Already Bought"

Mar 26 2010 Published by under Dave, health care, Obama

Obama “selling” health care AFTER it’s law just SCREAMS of this iconic scene from “Dave” when this hapless Secretary is chastised for spending precious tax dollars to make Americans “feel better about a car they’ve already bought.”

America is hacked off. Hacked off about having our freedoms bought and sold and slipped under the door with Health Care Reform. Nancy Pelosi holding the wooden mallet robbed from the Flinstones’ prop closet, walking through the crowd of the Tea Partiers she wept in fear of just months earlier (when she could have used the legendary tunnels under the Capital for less haughty ingress) was the perfect metaphor for what they have hammered us with.

Obama and his best friend, the TOTUS (Tele Prompter of the United States) are spending God knows how much money and adding who knows how much carbon to the non-existant Global Warming “crisis” giving a speech in front of carefully selected and paid ACORN operatives in Iowa City so he can ridicule the Republican Party (he did) and admit that he has been lying through his teeth all along about Universal Health Care (“It’s coming.)

Meanwhile, back at #MSNBC, a steady parade of talking heads and democrats hysterical over crude voice mails, ugly emails, completely unsupported allegations of Tea Party sourced violence – Nothing more than any conservative public figure gets on a daily basis, but they’re ginning it up into some kind of domestic terrorism from the Tea Party – UNBELIEVABLY reckless incitement of civil unrest and they will have blood on their hands if someone really gets hurt.

Jesse Jackson Jr. even video taped the entire episode where a black congressman was supposedly called the “n” word revealed NOTHING. Tape after tape that has turned up have revealed NOTHING.

So far, all we have are completely IMAGINARY ALLEGATIONS on the part of MSNBC and the left that the Tea Party is linked. NO PROOF has been shown. And Obama is SILENT about it.

But, boy, oh boy, he can sell a bill…. that… he’s already signed into law. Reminded me of the scene from the movie “Dave.”

“Selling a car we’ve already bought”

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