Obama Marched w/ Black Panthers 2007

Mar 28 2012

What a shock. h/t Twitter to P.J. Media

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  • http://twitter.com/SenHendrickson Bill Henrickson

    Everyone loves a good conspiracy. Gassy knolls, grainy photos. It could in fact be him! If facts weren’t in the way. While I can’t see the mole on his head, I can tell that he is not a child or teenager. Obama was born in 1961, the Panthers came about in 1966. The Black Panthers really lost steam after about 75′ (Obama was 14 at that time) and died a slow death completely by 1982. The funny thing is that while I look at this screen which is nothing more than promoting xenophobic stereotyping I also see a link on your page to “Mia Love for Congress”. I find this fascinating. I think Mia is a very nice lady, however she is grossly under-qualified to run for Congress and not to mention that going up against a survivor and pro like Matheson is going to make it hate crime when he beats her that bad.

    • http://www.saltusa.com Annie Ashe Fields

      If this were out of character for him, I’d be more persuadable that this was an anomaly. And who knows? It may yet be a fake pic. It doesn’t change anything. The guy has a demonstrable, provable record of anti-capitalist, radical beliefs and associations. There’s just no question about that. So fine. Remove that one day from his life. He’s still an enemy to the Republic.

      • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.s.dawson Melissa Sue Dawson

        Hey Annie, I have a bridge I would like to sell you….

      • http://twitter.com/jpnairn Jerry Nairn

        Wait. If it doesn’t change a thing if this grainy, possibly fake photo of a guy who looks something like Obama in a crowd with a guy wearing a black beret and another guy who looks a little like Malik Shabazz is real, then why is it here? I mean, I agree that this picture is worthless, but I’m not publishing it, you are. You’re not even backing it up.
        Here’s a picture that might be fake.
        I suppose it demonstrates your standard for truth. It’s useful in that regard.