Obama: “Oh… You’re okay, I suppose. But you’ll be better with my thumb pressing down on you v.2!”

Jan 15 2012

“…There’s a core decency and strength and resilience to be tapped, and that most of the time the better angels of our nature win out.”

That was President Obama at a fancy-pants fundraiser at a private home in Chicago late last week, talking about how “as difficult as these last three years have been, as challenging as they’ve been – not so much for me but for Americans all across the country who lost their jobs or have seen their home values decline or been worrying about their retirement and their 401Ks”

“Core” decency, Mr. President? That only comes “out” sometimes and needs “to be tapped” but only if you win and “work hard” to elicit it from us?

You pompous ass.

How about an “atta-boy” for the incredible strength, endurance, and resilience the American people have shown just staying afloat these last 3 years?

What the hell was that? That was a pat on the back? Sounded pretty tentative to me, you tinpot dictator.

Jeezuz I skeeve this guy!

The whole speech is here, but don’t read it on a full stomach.

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  • Hab

    you are insane