Hormonal George Stephanopolous

Jan 08 2012

What the hell was that?

Wee George Stephanopolous appeared to be having a “little man” moment.  You know… The reason some men put huge tires on their pick up trucks?  Something’s lacking, so they gotta compensate?

What the hell was Wee George’s hard-on for nookie with the best looking boy on stage last night?

Poor Mitt Romney looked like he wanted to take him aside and have a birds & bees talk with him about the realities of grown-up political discourse, never-mind sex and contraception.

And chicky-poo, there?  Diane?  The first debate I thought she was just drawling slow because it was a saccharin, syrup style thing.  Now I think she’s just groping in the dark for a coherent thought.

It was really, really, really, really embarrassing, and absolutely disqualifying for either of them to ever chair a debate ever, ever again.


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