“Charity” Under Threat of Audit is NOT Charity

Dec 26 2011

Every time I hear Obama talk about how the federal government has to “invest” in education, research, etc., and “spend” on the “social safety net” I wonder… Does he think we’re all a bunch of bloodless selfish pr*cks like him?  That we wouldn’t organize locally to take care of our own?  Why can’t the state / counties / towns take care of things?  Why do the Feds have to do everything?

America is great because is America is good.  Obama seems to not believe that.  Listen to him and ask yourself:  Why do you (the Feds) have to do it?  I’m here.  We’re here.  We’ll do it.  Just let us keep our damned money.  If you’re really feeling generous, incentivize us by giving us a tax deduction.  You want efficient use of American dollars to help people?  Match charitable giving.  Every kid who can handle one will get a college education.  Every down & out person will get their “fair shot” locally…

We don’t want your crappy government handouts to be the first stop, we want it to be the last stop you moron!  Don’t you know that?

h/t to American Thinker cartoons which are here.

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