People vs. Principles

Nov 29 2011

Herman, Herman, Herman…

Yer killin’ me!

The first time I let myself “fall in love” a little with a candidate and he let’s me down!  I should have stuck with my lifelong rule:  Support principles, not people, because people will always let you down.

Well, here we are.  I’m still holding out hope he wasn’t a cad.  I really, really, really, really want to believe he’s the good man he has presented himself to be, but this long-term affair lady is credible.  I believe her.  And even if they didn’t have a sexually intimate relationship, he violated the covenant of trust with his wife by having a sufficiently intimate relationship with another woman that he could call/text her 61 times in 4 months, once at 4:27am.

That’s an astonishing piece of bad judgement & wanton hubris for a man on the national stage.  That alone is disqualifying as a matter of judgement.


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  • Ralph Kopera

    Annie – i found you recently (not exactly sure how) but have enjoyed your posts. I too am a Herman fan and he was the first i supported. Don’t be too disheartened. The interesting part to me is thatI have yet to hear this woman speak of a sexual relationship. Just an “affair”. Though I must admit that I stopped watching MSM some time back, so maybe she did say that and I have just chosen to ignore it.
    Keep your hopes up. The main goal still needs to be to drive the money spenders out (Obama, Reid). I have this feeling that shortly after Iowa/NH/South Carolina we will quietly find out that this latest woman is exaggerating at least. Though the damage is probably done. It does show that Herman did not pick a very good campaign staff. He has still added much to the conversation and I hope he stays on for quite a while.