OWS’s Excellent Adventure: Crapping Across America

Nov 17 2011

“Excellent Adventure: Crapping Across America,” subtitle: OWS Police Overtime Crushing Muni Budgets”

We can’t afford this.

When will the President speak up and exhort OWS to exercise their 1st amendment rights in such a way that the coffers of municipalities across America, already gravely strained, aren’t depleted to the point of affecting public safety / essential services for others - who aren’t having an Excellent Adventure: Crapping Across America, and might have a genuine emergency?


That’s the plan?

Cloward & Piven?

Oh, yeah.  Right.

Remember:  Tea Party always paid their bills.  Always.  They always added to municipal coffers by paying for the proper permits, then cleaning up after themselves – not crapping in public.

And not a single arrest.   Zero.  Zip.  Nada.


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