Bloodless Waters

Nov 17 2011

When asked about the rapes, assaults and even murders at various OWS encampments, Rep. Maxine Waters’ reaction was an utterly bloodless, “That’s life.”

I want you to think about that.

Really, really think about that.

If this is how she feels about people involved with a movement full of people on “her” side ideologically – What amounts to a shoulder shrug & “Eh” – to RAPE & MURDER…

…HOW ENTHUSIASTIC DO YOU THINK SHE’LL BE ABOUT COMING TO YOUR AID?  If you are Tea Party and the only legal authority still standing after all this chaos, is populated by people like Maxine Waters?

You really wanna ask her for mercy?  For help?  Protection?  When she just shrugs her f*cking shoulders at the RAPE & MURDER of PEOPLE SHE LIKES?

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