Cain STILL Leads Among LIKELY Iowa Voters!

Nov 15 2011

From a Bloomberg Iowa poll, taken on Nov. 10 to 12, released this morning:

Cain leads the field with 20%, followed by Paul with 19%, Romney with 18% and Gingrich with 17%, a statistical tie within the poll’s four point margin of error.”

Dig a little deeper and the poll tells us that the slime-job against Cain has largely failed, and resulted in 66% saying they “believed Cain’s denials” or “were waiting for more information.”  Only 25% said they were either “skeptical”or just outright “didn’t believe” him. In other words, the electorate is being eminently fair.  Short of a(n unlikely) bombshell, something really, definitively damning, I stand by my previous prediction that this tactic to take Herman down is over.  Also as prevously stated, that doesn’t mean they’re done with sliming him, but this tactic, the sex one, is over.

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