De Moines Gold Standard Poll = CAIN

Nov 14 2011

American Thinker cites a Politico story citing a De Moines Register poll (ya with me?), which, as noted here, and as I’ve seen elsewhere, is the gold standard of polling in Iowa. It’s of likely voters (versus registered voters, or the general population, in progressively less reliable order) and for that reason, together with the fact that the Register’s polling is historically accurate, it’s the one off-the-shelf poll that even the guys who get $10k per month to do internal, private polling for a candidate, can read – and panic.

And while there is nothing panic-worthy in this one, and it’s tight, there is some very, very encouraging news for my man Herman:

“…The poll breaks down candidate preference into hard support (definitely backing a candidate), moderately hard support (probably backing a candidate) and leaners… ‘In all three categories, Cain leads the field with 20%… Gingrich… gets 19% (and) Romney gets 14%…  13% were undecided… (The) interviews taken Nov. 11 to 13…

(The) Des Moines Register poll of Iowa, which is considered the yardstick… (had) subsets …(which) reveal… Cain has 9% of voters “definitely” backing him, while Romney and Gingrich have 8% “definitely.” Paul has 7 percent “definitely”…’”

This poll was taken just this weekend.  Do I even need to ask the rhetorical question as to why this isn’t leading the news on NBC / CBS / ABC / MSNBC / CNN?  This shows remarkable resilience for a guy who has been mercilessly, brutally, unfairly slimed for two solid weeks.

Way to stand tall, Herman!

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