Herman Cain False Narrative Drumbeat

Nov 10 2011

MSNBC is wall-to-wall that the ‘right-leaning’ media & Herman Cain supporters are doing exactly what Bill Clinton’s supporters did when he was accused of sexual misdeeds.

Uh… No.  I defy you to find a clip of a single ‘righty’ making an ad hominem attack on either one of the named accusers.  

What we’ve done is report the facts.  The facts are unflattering.  But nobody on the right has made remarks about their hair, their trailer, their non-Ivy league education, etc. like they did when poor Paula Jones, she of the bad perm, trailer park, community college degree, was sneered at, and pig-piled on by the elite media.

If you want ad hominem attacks, you need only turn on NBC/MSNBC where they are wall to wall with people talking about ‘predatory black’ on ‘blonde’ sexuality, and ‘smoking the symbolic crack pipe’ etc…  It’s AWFUL.  VILE.  FIREABLE if ANYONE ON THE RIGHT SAID THE SAME THING about a Democrat, but these vicious, personal attacks are all over MSNBC.

Again, FIND ME THE REPUBLICAN who has made a PERSONAL attack on ANYONE involved in this Herman Cain story and I’ll eat my hat.  


AND – This BULLSH*T about Herman Cain ‘not knowing China had’ nukes. 


Watch the tape.  Before said what he said.  Even AFTER he said what he said.  It was TOTALLY taken out of context.  He was talking about their MILITARY nuclear capability.  THAT was the context of the conversation.  Whether or not they had nuclear capable missiles / armament that were a threat to AMERICA.


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