Alone w/his Principles, in the Oval. Who to Trust?

Nov 06 2011

History teaches us that the Presidency is a very lonely job, reliant as it is on what is ultimately, and often only, the deeply held principles of one man.

If anything new can be said to have come out of last night’s debate between Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich, it’s the stark relief of the milieu in which each man operates.

Herman’s the big-picture guy. Newt’s the bulldog.  Each uniquely suited to operating at the peak of their powers where they’ve been, and where they’re going – together.

Herman looks at an entity holistically, as an entire organism, and breathes life into it based on proven, sound, principles. He knows these principles, and believes deeply in them. Deep enough to have roots resistant to rot.

Newt’s the boots on the ground. He’s brilliant dodging bullets, finding the exit in the maze, and making the rules work for him, knowing them as well as he does. I have no doubt he could be the big-picture guy, but I worry the elixir of corruption is too sweet, too tempting to him.  I don’t trust Newt alone in the Oval Office with his principles.

I do trust Herman.

The two of them together will save the Republic.

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