Herman’s “Problem”

Oct 23 2011

Herman is still answering questions like a GUY not like a PRESIDENT.

He’s never struck me as a guy who needs to be told to think BIG about himself, but HERMAN!

STOP answering questions like a GUY-DAD-HUSBAND-GRANDAD.  You’ve GOT to answer the question as a PRESIDENT.  Not from the mindset of how does Herman feel about ‘this’, but how does PRESIDENT CAIN feel about ‘this’, whatever ‘this’ is.

You MUST answer, for instance, the abortion question thusly:

ALL abortion is WRONG and as President I will do NOTHING to help it’s existence, and will, in fact, get every federal penny out of it and do everything I possibly can to see it eradicated from the books.  Understand, I am not running to be King-in-Chief, nor am I running to be Minister-in-Chief.  If congress sends me a bill outlawing it, I will happily sign it.  If congress wishes to convene to add an amendment to the constitution to outlaw it, I will heartily encourage that process.  But in the same way I object to Obamacare coming between you and your doctor, you don’t need me coming between you and your conscience during such a private decision about, what is – regrettably – at this moment, a legal medical option.  Again, I abhor it.  But as President, I’m not your King, and I’m not America’s Minister.  I am, however, anti-abortion!

Rick Santorum & others have jumped ugly on Herman for a really sloppy, naive, politically unskilled answer he gave on abortion that any reasonable American heard and understood. He was simply saying as a Dad, it would be a heartbreaking situation… It was, without a doubt, a terrible answer, politically speaking. But Americans are listening like they have never listened before to their candidates, and have as limited a tolerance for demagoguery as I have ever seen.

Take cheap, unfair shots at Herman at your own peril, kids. I think it will backfire. BIG.

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