Redistribution’s Fatal Flaw

Jul 16 2011

Redistributionists literally bank on wealth producers continuing to produce at the same rate when their philanthropy turns from voluntary to state taxation but it never, ever works and here’s why; using Barack Obama’s own words:

It’s not a balanced approach.

Quite apart from greed, which is the Socialist term for the drive to accumulate wealth, it’s not quite so nefarious. It’s quite simple, really, and it’s taught to us from childhood (one hopes): Do good and good things will happen. Risk & reward. Work & reward. Capitalism’s system is set up such that your reward can equal your talent. Some people are very, VERY talented.

I celebrate them.

So that’s the REWARD part STAGE ONE: taking care of one’s self & family. IT FEELS GOOD.

The REWARD part STAGE TWO is the satisfaction of knowing you can help your fellow man. Many, MANY men of means give VERY generously. You know why?

BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. There are, of course, obvious tax advantages, but IT FEELS GOOD.

If the same amount is given over to taxation, THAT DOESN’T FEEL GOOD, therefore the work production of the wealth producer is dampened and less satisfying. They are very nearly FORCED by such a system to be selfish (so-called) and take care of only themselves and not others because the discretionary income normally given over to that is taken from them.

Obama will go to his grave never, ever understanding that.

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