$25 Million OBL/UBL Reward

May 18 2011


I’m up in the middle of the night, listening to Phil Hendrie, who, quite apart from having a red sea of flags about his psychiatric health, is a uniquely gifted radio performer. Having spent 20 years on the air, not doing any heavy lifting at all (music) I really, really respect genuine talent in talkers. Wow.

He’s having one of his fake phone call things he does with himself debating the disposition of the $25 million dollar reward for the capture/killing of Osama Bin Laden. Rep. Weiner is set to propose a bill giving it to first responders. My understanding was that they were taken care of in previous legislation. The families have all been compensated by now as well.

Set up college funds for the children of the Seals and call it a day. This was a uniquely dangerous mission, and from what I understand, they did not know what ‘high value target’ they were getting until it was time to go. I have no idea how this would impact the paradigm of payment to our men & women in uniform, so there may be some unintended consequence of this I just haven’t thought through. I don’t care. Give it to their children so they can afford $40k per year like Bam-Bam does x2 for the girls at Sidwell Friends. From what I understand, top level pay for these guys is only around $58k, so, krymannee.

‘Lil Seal College Fund is my vote.

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