Redistribution Overdrive

May 11 2011

subprime push

Oh, those poor Wall Street dupes. They thought Bam-Bam was gonna let them keep their 0% $2 trillion dollars. Nope. Just long enough for them to get comfortable and let their defenses down. Now he’s threateni…er…  telling them,I got my man Eric Holder with 20 new friends down there at the DOJ just waitingto prosecute you for discrimination you rich white fat cat oppressors. Better get lending boys!

But don’t worry.  I’m sure it will turn out great, just like it did last ti…

… Well, lending to people based solely on skin color is good becau…

… Well, it’s not just skin color because that would be racist, but lending to people with really cr*ppy credit is okay becau….

Yeah.  The biggest theft in human history continues.  Your dollar is being devalued all to cr*p, and being spent quickly on politically preferred groups before it crashes irretrievably, at which point those who did not see this coming will be utterly, totally, completely dependent upon the federal government, therefore, utterly and completely in their control, therefore utopia.


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