ObamaCare May 29, 1775

May 08 2011

Yet more evidence we QUIT ENGLAND over this sh*t!  Look at this letter from a young British sailor relaying his palpable frustration that the crown cannot force those upstart colonists to buy a commodity (tea)…

May 29, 1775 British sailor H. Finlay on board the King Fisher, just off the New England coast, in a letter to his brother, shortly after battle with one Ethan Allen…

PCUSA cannot force a man to buy that commodity-1

Now, he describes the colonists as anarchists, which, of course, nobody rational thinks is a good thing. But taken in context, their reaction makes perfect sense. They were humming along just fine for over 150 years before the crown went Hey! Now that they have a century+ of sweat equity into some basic infrastructure that’s actually worth something, bloody marvelous! Let’s TAX ‘em and tax ‘em GOOD!

Mother England knew the landscape wasn’t dotted with weavers, haberdashers, or spice and tea dispensaries. It was friggin’ woods with the most basic to-ing & from-ing laced through 3,000 x 2,000 miles of dense forests, raging rivers, and big, bad mountain ranges. They knew they were picking on someone largely dependent on them for desperately needed provisions they simply hadn’t yet developed capacity for, either in resources, manufacture, or distribution. Many of the fundamental staples of early colonial life were available only by the FedEx of the day, european ships’ cargo, which, if they were headed for pre-Revolution America, didn’t deliver unless the King said so – and when they did, the King dictated what and how much… It’s not like they could call someone in India and have their tea just mailed to them. Given that America is (I’m just guessing here) the size of 50 Englands, it would have been just as difficult, if not more, to transport something, with no roads, via horseback, from coast to coast as it would from England to New England. They had a whole lot of land and not a lot of options. England had been in the import/export business for quite some time and the early American colonists liked the tea & fabrics and other essentials they were long familiar with.

It was simply unthinkable to many of them that they would someday not be subjects of the crown. It was, as usual, the one-third. The one-third, mostly upstart north-easterners, who whipped up a Revolution…

Health care is a commodity. To call it a right is to elevate it to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, none of which can be had via a pre-tax deduction on your paycheck, or by calling Blue Cross. Rights in America are like the Visa commercials: PRICELESS. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THEM AT ANY PRICE. That’s why this fight is so important.

Read the rest of the letter in this volume at Google Books and just flip through some of the pages in the text.  It’s great stuff.

Calendar of home office papers of the reign of George III:

preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 4 (Google eBook)

Front Cover


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